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Who should take Responsibility for my home fire safety.

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Think Fire Prevention. Do not push your luck. You can do something to prevent fire. Be Proactive. Restrict rapid fire spread. Use Thermo-Gel Fire Gel.

Thermo-Gel Fire Gel Applies with water. You can apply it yourself or your local fire department can apply it for you in an emergency.

Thermo-Gel Fire Gel is a protective coating that you can spray on your home or vegetation to stop a wildfire's approach.

The formula if properly applied will protect your home and grounds for a number of days. You can take action the moment you see a serious threat of fire approaching your property. You can spray your home and property right now and have fire protection.


Fire Shield Products

Click Here to See the entire product line of Fire Shield Products, including pricing and ordering information


If you are one of the unfortunate folks victimized by the catastrophic wildfires, you can rebuild with the confidence that it most likely won’t happen again. Treat your new construction with FIRE-KOTE 100, a superior fire retardant for wood.
If you still have your home, don’t risk losing it to wildfire. You can mix
LPA-202 paint additive fire retardant into your water base paint and apply a protective barrier right onto your home. This is good for five years or 200 inches of rain.
SPA-200 is a fire retardant additive that you mix into water base stains, acrylics, and polyurethane to protect your wood decks.


Brandguard Vents

BrandGuard VentsTM are the new generation of patent pending venting products that address the newly passed Chapter 7a provisions, (Section 704.2 Attic Ventilation Codes) and resists the intrusion of flames and embers into the home.


WildfireOptions.com now offers the BrandGuard Vents products.  BrandGuard Vents products are designed by a fireman who know the effects of flames or embers wafting into rafters and other sections of your home through conventional vents.  Brandguard vents are designed to resist such intrusions to your home.  You do not want to be caught in a situation where live embers have been sitting for a while in an inconspicuous part of home even after you think a wild fire emergency has ended.  You can retrofit your existing vents with these new models or use them in reconstruction of your new home.   You will have additional protection with the upgrade to Brandguard Vents to your home’s fire defense.


Blazeguard Fire Rated Wood Panels

Are you in the process of rebuilding or remodeling your home? Blazeguard Fire rated wood panels provide, fire resistance, enhanced earthquake rating and being green. This is all done before it is delivered to your home work site.


Dakota Fire Systems

Dakota fire systems offers a range of solutions where you can deliver fire fighting foam at great heights and ranges.  Equipment ranges from man portable equipment to truck mounted systems.






Think Fire Prevention:


Thermo-Gel Fire Gel


Thermo Gel Home Defense Kit